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BaukBench - HTTP/1.1 benchmarking tool


BaukBench is a HTTP/1.1 benchmark/stress test tool for measuring performance of Web servers.
Advantage of BaukBench compared to other HTTP benchmark tools is that it does not have limitations which produce bottlenecks to appear on side of client hence making impossible to measure Web server's max performance.
Ie. benchmark tool "ab" (ApacheBench) does not handle well large number of simultaneous HTTP connections, ie. over 500, and cannot bench dynamic content with KeepAlive connections. Benchmark tool "httperf" makes 1 second delay between requests, has no support for KeepAlive connections, etc.
BaukBench does not have these limitations and using minimum resource on client it is capable of producing extreme load for testing max performance of a Web server.
See also: Bauk HTTP Server


  • Support for benchmarking static and dynamic content, with KeepAlive on/off
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous HTTP connections
  • Compiled C executable, standalone app, no dependancies
  • Low CPU/memory requirements
 -host HOSTNAME            Name of host, ie. or
 -port PORTNO              Server port, default 80
 -url URL                  Request URL, ie. page.html
 -n REQUESTS               Number of requests to perform
 -c CONNECTIONS            Number of simultaneous connections, default 1
 -postfile POSTFILE        File with POST request data
 -t CONTENTTYPE            Content type for POST data, ie. application/x-www-form-urlencoded
 -cookie COOKIE            Send cookie, ie. XYZ=abc
 -auth AUTHORIZATION       Send Basic authorization, ie. usrnam:mypswrd
 -proxyauth AUTHORIZATION  Send proxy authorization in request, ie. usrnam:mypswrd
 -u USERAGENT              Useragent, default BaukBench/n.n.n
 -v VERBOSE                Verbosity level 0-3
 -w SECONDS                Wait max seconds for connection I/O, default 30
 -k                        KeepAlive connections
 -head                     HEAD method, default GET
 -force                    Ignore errors and keep benchmarking
 -help                     Display usage info, this message

Benchmarking server on port 80, 10000 requests, 500 simultaneous connections,
using KeepAlive:

 $ ./bb -host -url /page.html -n 10000 -c 500 -k

Benchmarking PHP server, 4000 requests, 350 simultaneous connections, sending
cookie in request:

 $ ./bb -host -url "/script.php?abc=xyz" -n 4000
      -c 350 -k -cookie "XYZ=abc"

Example output:
 $ ./bb -host -url /page.html -n 10000 -c 500 -k
Server software:               Bauk/2.0.15
Server hostname:     
Server port:                   80

Benchmark time:                9.409 seconds
Simultaneous connections:      500
Established:                   500
Connections used:              500

Request URL:                   /page.html
Complete requests:             10499
KeepAlive requests:            10499
Requests per connection:       20.99
Requests per second:           1115.79
W-Total written:               1.02M (1070898 bytes)
W-Transfer rate:               111K (113816 bytes)/second
R-Total read:                  242.40M (254180790 bytes)
R-Total response body:         239.89M (251545541 bytes)
R-Content length per response: 23K (23959 bytes) avg.
R-Transfer rate:               25.76M (27014644 bytes)/second


OS support: Linux and *BSD 32bit/64bit
For installation instructions see INSTALL file /baukbench/

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