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Bauk is a free, open-source, high performance Web server which provides advanced features such as complete ASP-like scripting environment for Server-Side JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python and Tcl, portability to wide range of Unix-like operating systems (Linux, *BSD and POSIX-compliant OS's), easy installation and management, security, configurability, efficiency, flexibility, and many other... More details...


  • Extreme performance — Bauk provides higher performance for both static and dynamic content than any other Web server. For example, it's more than 3 times faster than Apache serving same tasks. See our Benchmarks, and BaukBench HTTP/1.1 benchmark tool and compare/verify yourself. Bauk has its reputation with a reason
  • Single-process architecture — Architecture that provides highest speed and most effective resource utilization
  • Low resource consumption — Bauk can use as little as 10% of system resources compared to Apache in a same configuration and usage pattern. Eg. a typical Linux instance consumes around 2MB of memory. Suitable for dedicated and VPS servers
  • Static and Dynamic Content — Complete ASP-like scripting environment for Server-Side JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python and Tcl. Ie. easy just like working with HTML files, scripts placed in Web directory automatically executed by Web server/interpreter
  • Unlimited simultaneous HTTP connections / clients — Serves any number of simultaneous HTTP connections on a single system without any performance penalty
  • Unlimited Virtual Hosts — Serves any number of Virtual Hosts on a single system without any performance penalty
  • Dynamic Virtual Hosts — Add/remove hosts on-the-fly simply by adding/removing a directory, ie. → /path/to/ without server stopping/restarting
  • RDP (Reverse Domain Path) Dynamic Virtual Hosts — Ie. → /path/to/com/domain/www/
  • OS Support and Portability — Linux and *BSD 32bit/64bit
  • Easy & intuitive management
  • Security

Server-Side JavaScript Support

Bauk in operation with GromJS interpreter provides complete ASP-like environment for JavaScript Server-Side scripting with same functionality as CGI, PHP, mod_perl or any other Server-Side scripting solution. More details...

Manage your work, MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite database, automate jobs, backups, make utility and shell scripts, content management systems, package build tools, perform system and Web site administration, have fun, or do anything else you imagine using JavaScript on Web server!

Example GromJS Server-Side JavaScript .jsp Web script:

//print env variable
print("User_Agent: ", Server.getenv("HTTP_USER_AGENT"), "<br>\n");
print("Remote_IP: ", Server.getenv("REMOTE_ADDR"), "<br>\n");
User_Agent: CCBot/2.0 (
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